the stress. the seeking.

I stressed myself too much during my apprenticeship and forgot to enjoy. Then something aweful happened which has affected me ever since.  I first thought my life was ruined.

the loss

I have lost the hearing on one ear almost completely a couple of years ago due to blood circulation problems caused by tension, caused by stress. And have multiple tinniti (?) on both ears ever since. I've had some psychic struggling for some time.


When looking into different relaxation techniques like yoga, autogenous training, different kinds of meditation, progessive muscle relaxation, acupuncture etc. etc. I discovered ASMR by accident, and it has helped me ever since to sleep at night, and turn off the "thinking machinery"...

love life

I get along pretty well and have a good life, a really cool job and a loving husband. And I have a new hobby now: I make singing and other triggering videos for the ASMR community. Love it!