First, as a ASMR fan, I once tried to film my cute and tingly christmas decorations. But the upload from my cell phone never succeeded :D so I forgot the idea to upload myself for some time. As I thought of recording cool sounds and maybe make an audio drama some day, I had my relatives buy me a kind of professional recording device for christmas that I knew a local radio station uses for interviews. But I was too lazy to record a lot of sounds. So it rested in a drawer for like two years.

I often thought that this song "Little star" by Stina Nordenstam was sooo ASMR. So one day I finally tried recording it ASMR style. While researching how many ASMR channels are based on ear to ear singing I found out that there was no one that was still intact and uploading. So I started this with my first video and fell in love with producing and communicating with you guys. The next day, I had to buy a new camera!

This hobby enriches my life so much and makes me happy every time someone posts a kind comment ♥ I thank all my subscribers for the honor to make videos that can relax and entertain you!